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Jesus Is The Answer - Joel Brown

For What I Don't Know - Shalom Swanson

Mercy Came Running - Brandon Green

You Are God Alone - Tim Burdette

I've Been Through Enough - Tamika Brown

I'll Live Again - The Buchanan's

He Made A Change - The Buchanan's

Fighting For Me - Sis. Melody

Ain't No Grave - Chloe Martin

He Sees What We Don't - The Gilreaths

Bring an Awakening - Amanda Scott

It Took A Miracle - David Swanson

Jesus Use Me - Marcus Turner

You Deserve It - Children's Choir

I Wonder - John Lenichek

Chasing After You - The Webers

You Deliver Me - Brandon Green

Consider the Lilies - Harry Reagan

Love Like This - Emma Webber

Midnight Cry - Sis. Donna

This Joy Medley - Michael Belton

Break Every Chain - Michael Belton

Amazing Grace - Michael Belton

I Love You - Harry Reagan

Pressing On - Harry Reagan

Power in Prayer - Youth Choir

Virgin Bride - Joel Brown

God on the Mountain - Marcus Turner

For the Sake of the Call - Jesse Sacher

No More Night - David Swanson

Most Of All - Marcus Turner

Your Love Is Strong - Caleb Adkins

Goin' Up Yonder - Joel Brown

Hiding Place - Harry Reagan

So Good To Me - Ryan Kennedy

Change My Heart Oh God - Instrumental

Power In Prayer - The Gilreaths